At The Listeners101

  • ■ We provide a team of professional listeners who listen without judging, listening without telling you what you must and must not do, we only just listen because that’s what you need us to do.
  • ■ We sign-post you to organisations that we feel can be of help to you so that you can get further help, information, advice etc…
  • ■ We are here to listen to you as many times as you need us to so you can continue to call in even if it is to update us on how you are getting on since your last call.

Please take note of the following:

  • ■ We do not give advice but we will help you to discover the answers you are looking for by directing and guiding you back to you.
  • ■ We do not make suggestions for you and we do not offer counselling.


If a caller tells us anything that we feel would bring harm to themselves or anyone else, if your life is in danger, we would need to alert the appropriate authorities immediately, i.e the police as your safety and the safety of others is also  important to us.

You can choose to remain anonymous throughout the entire conversation (it’s your choice) we will not ask for your name, age or any details, you choose what you want to tell us.