Why “The Listeners101?”

  • ■ Children, your children, our children and children of others will not always feel comfortabletalking to us their parents or family members or their friends but most of them have a need to want to talk to someone. The Listeners101 gives them that opportunity, to be able to just talk and be listened to without being judged, scolded, rebuked but just heard.
  • ■ Many young people are carrying burdens way too big for them, burdens that were just suddenly forced upon them, traumas that landed on them with no warning and they just need to get it off their chest.
  • ■ Some are battling with their personal demons, their sexuality, their identity, some have witnessed atrocities and horrendous crimes that they just need to speak to someone about because of the affect it is having on them.
  • ■ Some of the young people just want to open up about things they feel no one else will understand.
  • ■ Some are going through depression and feel they have to always appear strong and feel they have no one to talk to because friends won’t understand and family just say it’s nothing.

Here to hear you!

The Listeners 101 are here to hear you, listen to you and just give you the space to offload anything that you feel is weighing you down. You do not need to tell us your name, just speak as you want to as we are here for you.

We treat everything that you tell us as confidential except what is listed on our ‘Alert’ section, in which case we will have to alert the right authorities.

You can choose to remain anonymous throughout the entire conversation (it’s your choice) we will not ask for your name, age or any details, you choose what you want to tell us.