What is The Listeners101?
The Listeners101 is a telephone helpline for young people to call in and just talk while we listen.

Who can call The Listeners101?
Anyone between the ages of 12-26 years old.

Do I have to give my name?
No. You can call in anonymously or use an alias name. It is entirely up to you if you want to use your real name?

What can I call up about?
You can call and talk to us about anything you want. If something is bothering you, or you have a problem with drugs, alcohol, relationship, debt, your sexuality, insecurity, bullying, peer pressure, depression, loneliness, mental health, homelessness, rape, suicide etc… As long as you want to talk about it, we are ready to hear you.

Do you give advice?
No. We do not give advice or counselling. We listen to you and then we can sign-post you or refer you to the right organisation/services to offer you the support you need. We also have a list ofservices on the website that you can go through and contact.

Do you discuss details of the conversations/calls?
All of our staff, Volunteer Listeners sign a non-disclosure agreement and a confidentiality agreement. Calls cannot be discussed outside of the organisation. We only record the number of calls we get and also the nature of the calls for our own records.

Why are the helpline numbers mobile numbers?
We chose to have mobile numbers so that young people feel as though they are just calling a friend on their mobile number and also if they do not have credit they can send us a text and we are happy to call them instead.

How can people support The Listeners101?
We rely solely on the support of individuals, companies and businesses to donate to The Listeners101. You can make a one off donation or set up a standing order. We also have Listeners101 merchandise that can be purchased and all proceeds go to The Listeners101 which helps with the mobile phone costs, training, materials etc…

How can I become a Listeners101 Volunteer?
You can become a Listeners101 Volunteer by volunteering to become a Listener and undergo the one day training or you can become part of The Listerners101 awareness team which entails going to exhibit at events where you can spread awareness and share leaflets.